At least she isn’t eating any injured coyotes…

Because like I’m not on FIRE yet so haha… please help…

The Teen Wolf cast @ SDCC

[sings] It’s the most… wonderful tiiiiiiiime of the yeeeeeeeaaaarrrr…


Beautiful cast is beautiful.

I’m on fire. Or rather, the problem is that I’m not.


True Alpha Scott McCall

Scott McCall: Teen Dad

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“I got your text”
— Papa Argent

Stiles’ eye roll when he shut the shower curtain is absolutely everything.

Heels and Arrows are watching episode 4!

I’m using this as all of my “walk away slowly” gifs from now on.

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Roll call for tomorrow night.


I live my life for their expressions here.

Scott - You know what? You’re damn right I am.
Malia - Yes. Obviously.
Lydia - Technically, sure, but whatever…

The different stages of adjustment - been one long enough, been one her whole life, still adjusting.

Isaac’s Diary: 7/1/14

Guys…I’m—I’m still here. 

Scott I still live down the hall. 

Your dad and I had eggrolls?


Ahhh, fuck it.